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Travellers in japan article

6 things I wish I knew before travelling to Japan

Even though Japan’s very safe and open to visitors, its unique culture can make travelling here a bit intimidating. But don’t worry. We've got you covered with these 6 helpful hints and tips you should know before leaving home.

5 challenges you will face studying abroad in japan 2 1471851363 article

Challenges You'll Face While Studying Abroad in Japan | GoAbroad ...

Japan continues to be a popular travel destination, but what if you wanted to hunker down and really get to know the country? Well, studying abroad in Japan may just sound like a great idea then.

3 esl lesson plans fit for any tefl teacher 1 1459826786 article

3 ESL Lesson Plans Fit For Any TEFL Teacher |

If it’s your first time teaching abroad, you may be surprised to meet some students who absolutely hate English and find it extremely difficult to learn. Some dislike it because languages just aren’t their jam, while others dislike it because their past teachers may have taught it in a boring, grammar-centric way (zZzZzzz).

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Getting Your Head Around Fascinating Delhi - Savvy Tokyo

Coined the city of djinns by writer William Dalrymple, Delhi can easily overwhelm any traveler, from the first timer to the seasoned visitor. However like many other places in the world, the best way to understand India’s capital is to experience it. Delhi is a vast city that is crammed with tourist attractions, including three UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Masters degrees we bet you didnt know you could get abroad 5 1475818567 article

Master's Degrees We Bet You Didn't Know You Could Get Abroad

Maybe you’ve just dusted off your bachelor’s and looking to up the ante. Maybe you’ve been working for a while and you want to get ahead – fast. Maybe you’re thinking of switching careers completely and need a head start. In all of the above, getting a master’s may be just the thing. But why stop there?

Itsukushima bridge article

Hiroshima Must-Do: Discover Japan's Most Infamous City

Though most known for its tragic past, today, Hiroshima is one of Japan’s most vibrant cities. With historic Torii Gates and adorable bunny-islands, our local insider, Suzanne shows us it’s time to rediscover this city.

Emamihoshrine cropped article

Immerse Yourself in Real Japan at Mihonoseki - Savvy Tokyo

According to Hideki Yukawa, Japan’s first Nobel laureate, Mihonoseki is one of the few places in the island nation where you can find “the roots of the Japanese soul.”

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How to piss off someone from Trinidad and Tobago - Matador Network

Cut in line.
Whether it’s at KFC, outside a fete or in the bank, do not cut in front of us. You will hear a loud steups if you try to jump the queue or attempt to hold a space for your friend/friends/relatives.

Kayaks kitaura cropped article

The Stunning Beaches of Shimane Prefecture - Savvy Tokyo

Although the tourism agencies do a fantastic job of marketing Okinawa as Japan’s top beach destination, it’s not always necessary to get off the mainland to find incredible beaches.

Hiroshima nightlife article

Our pick of Hiroshima's Must Try Bars and Restaurants

Move over, Tokyo and Osaka – there’s a new contender for the nightlife capital of Japan. With a new wave of hole-in-the-wall bars, izakayas, karaoke bars, pubs, and posh lounges, our local insider, Suzanne, shows us around Hiroshima.

Finding your perfect job in south korea 3 1472806693 article

Finding your perfect job in South Korea

Today, South Korea is a major destination for anyone interested in working in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world that is also steeped in a unique traditional culture. Although teaching English is a very popular job for foreigners, working abroad in South Korea can also mean fulfilling a variety of non-teaching jobs too.

9 things interns in new zealand should always do 3 1474018198 article

9 Things Interns in New Zealand Should Always Do

Be a trailblazer, take a dive, and hurl yourself head-first into an international internship in New Zealand. This country lives the “work hard, play hard” mantra, and play hard, they do!

56 3938281 144100483033720b699c714e6b82f5947223b3692a article
The Culture Trip

Top 10 things to see and do on the Oki Islands

Many people know about Okinawa, but few know about Japan’s other equally stunning islands, the Oki Islands. Oki’s four inhabited and 180 uninhabited islands are so geologically and culturally unique that they became part of the UNESCO-supported Global Geopark Network in 2013

Dsc09077 article

Trinidad: Off The Beaten Path - GoNOMAD Travel

Although Caribbean islands are primarily marketed as luxury destinations, there’s a lot more to see off the beaten trail. Trinidad, the larger of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is found at the end of the Caribbean archipelago, located about 7 miles from Venezuela.

How to be a great alt article

More than being genki: how to be a great ALT | The Jet Coaster

One misconception about teaching in Japan is that if you’re super genki or energetic, you’ll automatically be an excellent teacher. In fact, many JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English) expect ALTs to be genki all the time.